This article is about the character. For the Hamumu Software game, see Dr. Lunatic (game).

Dr. Loony Lunatic is the antagonist in Dr. Lunatic. His nefarious scheme is taking the brains out of Zombies and putting them into other zombies, thus creating Super Zombies! He stayed locked up in his Crazy Asylum of Madness, and gave the four Keys of Lunacy to his poker buddies, Matilda, Sphinxter, The Thing, and the three Yeti Brothers. However, Bouapha foiled his plot by collecting all of the zombie brains scattered around the land, gaining the Loony Keys, and finally defeating the doctor himself. Dr. Lunatic hasn't come up with any new evil plots to date.

Dr. Lunatic was not always crazy. He was once just a boy named Loony Lunatic, living in Loonyland. In this role, he was the hero of Loonyland and Loonyland 2. How he became the insane doctor he is today is still unknown.

Dr. Lunatic Info Edit


Dr. Lunatic

Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Dr. Lunatic
HP: 50
Scan Text: I thought it would be amusing for the big badguy you've been chasing all along to be completely incapable of fighting. I thought it would be nice for ONCE to have some semblance of reality, where somebody who seemed to be an evil scientist didn't turn out to be also a superhuman kickboxing champion. Of course, that would've been a letdown. So, he turns into a Super Duper Zombie! Why his pants grow enough to still fit? For propriety. Good enough for the Hulk, good enough for Dr. Lunatic.
Category: Badguy/Human/Boss
Recolored?: None
Miscellaneous Info: Turns into Super Duper Zombie when killed.

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