Combat Puzzles Quality Fun Difficulty
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Overall - 6.25/10

Hub - Ordinary hub level - nice level progression 6/10

The Cacton Gang - Play is well balanced, although I would have liked a little more firepower while shooting the moss. The specials giving the brains on the squash patches were switched. It would be hard to find the candle without radar. Fun to play. 6/10

The Mummy Bros - Good. A nice challenge fending off the Manic Mumbles. Fighting the Death Patrols was tedious; more firepower would be nice. It's hard to find the candle without radar. 5/10

Rock and Roll - A nice design. A decent challenge, but not overwhelming. I liked that you could choose which order to fight the monsters. 7/10

Ghost Duel - Good, but a bit on the easy side. Nice layout and monster progression. 6/10

Fire Fight - Good artwork, nice design. Good use of underlava. The shortcut back to the beginning was appreciated. 7/10

Garden Showdown - A nice fighting level. It's laid out well, with nice artwork. The stealth made it a bit on the easy side. 6/10

Arctic Attack - Very nice artwork, but too hard. Having to dodge snowballs and water on semi-icy terrain difficult. Something like this would be better at the beginning of the level so you don't have to replay the entire level when you die. The break between battles and the health regeneration are perfectly placed. 4/10

Underwater Chaos - This would have been my favorite level, except for one big flaw. The artwork and play balance are excellent. The major flaw is the insta-kills in two places at the end. Something like this should either be nearer the beginning of the level, or have some hint to help you select the correct keychain. 6/10 (would have been 9/10)

Lord of the Desert - Good fighting level, lots of carnage (fun!). The custom pizza and sound effect was very cool. 7/10

Pumpking's Treasury #2 - Excellent stealth level, the monsters tend to get in the way in the rightmost area. 8/10

Pumpking's Palace - Good level, well balanced. Placing the exit toward the end or having a shortcut back to the beginning would have been nice. 7/10

Reviewed by: McMonkeyMcBean

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