Crazy Egg

Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Crazy Egg
HP: 100
Scan Text: (bby)I don't know what possessed me to create this monstrosity. It is kind of fun though. When I made it, I was picturing games like Smash TV or Gauntlet, where you have to plow through an endless horde of weak badguys to get to the device generating them (actually, that part isn't in Smash TV, but it sure is a fun game!). Unlike regular alien eggs, these don't begin generating Xenoids until the player gets relatively near. But once they start, there's only one way to make them stop!!
Category: Badguy/Alien/Generator/Wacky
Recolored?: Green Egg
Miscellaneous Info: The Crazy Egg spawns a Xenoid every second (about twice a second on Lunatic difficulty).

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