These awards can be earned while playing Costume Party if you own the Creator's Pass.

Some awards can be used to earn Trophies.

Spoiler Warning! This page contains information that could reveal
plot secrets or ruin puzzles! Read with caution, or not at all!

Yellow: Requires Creator's Pass
Blue: Requires Winter Pack
Pink: Requires Dumb Pack
Green: Requires Fantasy Pack

COST awd0


Complete 200 levels!

COST awd1


Slay 500 ghouls!

COST awd2

Sweet Tooth:

Collect 1,000 candy!

COST awd3


Complete a level unscathed!

COST awd4

Speed Demon:

Complete a level in under 20 seconds!

COST awd5

Score More:

Get 5,000 points in one level!

COST awd6


Get 1,000,000 points!

COST awd7


Your level got rated by 10+ people and got 3+ stars!

COST awd8

Sweet Ride:

Spend 3 minutes riding Gargoyles!

COST awd9

Variety Pack:

Smash, Combo x5, Zap, Lurk, and Scare in one level!

COST awd10

Frank SMASH!:

Smash 500 bricks with Frank's cranium!

COST awd11

Head to Head:

Beat 20 enemies with Frank's standing headbutt!

COST awd12

Air Frank:

Smash 10 bricks in a row without landing!

COST awd13

Horror Show:

Frighten enemies for a total of 10 minutes!

COST awd14


Stay airborne for 1 minute straight!

COST awd15

Mass Panic:

Scare 5 enemies at once!

COST awd16

Witching Hour:

Spend an hour in the Witch costume!

COST awd17

Fair Trade:

Transform 500 things into other things!

COST awd18

Look Out Below:

Crush 5 enemies in one level with crates while in Witch costume!

COST awd19

Batter Up:

Beat 50 guys with Vampire Bats!

COST awd20


Spend one minute hidden in the shadows!

COST awd21

Vampires Foster:

Get burned alive 5 times as a vampire!

COST awd22

Full Moon:

Beat 200 monsters as the Wolfman!

COST awd23


Achieve a 50 combo in Wolfman costume!

COST awd24

Just Drop In:

Hit an enemy by wolf-diving 10 blocks down!

COST awd25

Gifted Player:

Complete 525 levels!

COST awd26

Spirit of Giving:

Give out 100 stockings to monsters!

COST awd27

Clear Cutting:

Senselessly murder 100 old-growth Pine Trees!

COST awd28

Wind Rider:

Spend 10 seconds airborne without the Ghost Costume!

COST awd29

Homeward Bound:

Send 20 baby penguins home!

COST awd30

Roast Beast:

Cook 50 enemies in a fireplace!

COST awd31

Not Just Coal:

Blow up 5 guys at once with gifts!

COST awd32

Look, No Sleigh!:

Blast yourself 15 blocks skyward!

COST awd33

The Naughty List:

Blow up 200 monsters!

COST awd34

The Snowtrix:

Dodge 3 bullets in 1 second by melting!

COST awd35

Deep Freeze:

Keep 5 guys frozen at once!

COST awd36


Freeze 10 snow balls!

COST awd37

Swim Fins:

Spend 10 minutes swimming in a penguin costume!

COST awd38

Flip Ya For Real:

Perform a full flip in the air!

COST awd39

Penguin Chow:

Eat 20 Coelecanths as a penguin!

COST awd40


Win 1,150 levels!

COST awd41

Offshore Account:

Get 5,000,000 score!

COST awd42

Close Call:

Complete a timed level with 0 seconds left!

COST awd43

Tick Tock:

Spend 5 minutes with Tickers ticking!

COST awd44

Charge It Up:

Overload 100 Batteries!

COST awd45

Team Dumb:

Hammer 5 enemies, inhale 5 things, and do 5 wall-jumps in a level!

COST awd46


Smash 500 Pumpkins with Hammers!

COST awd47

Wax Works:

Get all candles in 20 levels!

COST awd48

Hammer Sniper:

Hit 50 enemies at maximum Hammer range!

COST awd49

Save It For Later:

Inhale a Candy Corn instead of collecting it!

COST awd50


Spit 50 enemies right into spikes!

COST awd51

Air Transfusion:

Spend 2 minutes inhaling!

COST awd52

Lightweight Ninja:

Complete a Ninja level without ever touching ground!

COST awd53

Ninja Stealth:

Finish a Ninja level without being hit or Screamed at!

COST awd54

Hang Out:

Spend 3 minutes hanging upside down!

COST awd55

Level Up!:

Win 2,100 levels!

COST awd56

Not Dead Yet:

Defeat the Black Knight!

COST awd57

My Hero:

Save 100 Princesses!

COST awd58

Phat Lootz:

Open 100 Chests!

COST awd59

Gate Crashers:

Shut Portcullises on 50 enemies!

COST awd60

Wrecking Crew:

Blast Bricks with Fireball, Sword and Trap in one Level!

COST awd61

Eagle Eye:

Slay an enemy with a supremely long shot!

COST awd62

Ackbar Award:

Destroy 200 enemies with Traps!

COST awd63

Rapid Fire:

Get a x4 arrow combo!

COST awd64

The Knight Sky:

Bounce 10 times without hitting the ground!

COST awd65


Chop 50 Tall Grass!

COST awd66


Block 100 Bullets!

COST awd67

Hot n' Cold:

Slay 3 monsters with fire and 3 with ice in one level!

COST awd68

Cold Feet:

Freeze yourself!

COST awd69


Teleport 6 times in one jump!

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