Cavernous Caves is a Dr. Lunatic world made by Jamul. It is part of the original game, as well as Supreme With Cheese, appearing in updated ("supremized") form in the latter.

Being one of the original five worlds (the others being Spooky Forest, Icy Mountains, Dusty Desert and the Crazy Asylum of Madness), it is part of the world selection globe in the original game and does not have to be accessed via selecting "Custom World". Beating it is a requirement to acces the Crazy Asylum of Madness in the original game. In Supreme With Cheese, Cavernous Caves is one of the worlds selectable from the start, but is no different from other worlds in terms of significance.

In the help section of Dr. Lunatic, the Cavernous Caves hub makes an appearance in the section "The Game Screen", which explains the functions of all the graphical elements appearing on the in-game screen.


Cavernous Caves contains the following levels:

Name Description SWC only?
The Shore Small level with a crate puzzle and Moss. No
Overgrown Simple level focused on Mucho Moss. No
Barbecue Lake Level with sinking and re-emerging platforms floating on lava. No
Underground Warehouse Screen-sized crate puzzle. No
The Garden Level with Shrooms, Moss and a Mush the Shroom boss. No
The Bat Cave Very small level with Scary Bats (and a Scarier Bat in Supreme). No
The Bad Place The Thing boss level. No
The Crypt Large dungeon with keys and a Super Zombie boss. No
Spelunkorama Large level with a sprint past Magmazoids, a door puzzle and a maze. No
Pumpkinosity Keychain level with teleporters and Pumpkins (and Jackos in Supreme). No
Oh, The Carnage Secret Level focusing on a Happy Stick Man. No
Dr.Relaxo's Subterranean Resort Level where the player has to infiltrate a building to retrieve Brains. No
Spelunkabit Very small Torch Lit maze with Thingies. No
Twisty Tunnel Very small level with a simple puzzle and Thingies. No
The Brain Mines Underground mine with Pygmies. No
Zoid Warz Underlava level with Magmazoids and Freakazoid Generators that can be converted to the player's side. Yes
Amazin' SPISPOPD II Level based on Amazin' SPISPOPD. Yes
Dark N' Dank Very dark level with Torches. Yes
Medic!! Stealth level. Yes
Clumsy Diver Underlava level with underwater Magmazoids. Yes
Hotfootin' It Level with narrow bridges on lava. Can only be accessed after finding all Reddishes. Yes

In Supreme With Cheese, all levels have been updated to take advantage of the new features in the game.


See also: Keychain

Secret LevelsEdit

The secret level Oh, The Carnage, is located in the maze in the bottom left of Spelunkorama. It is accessed by simply finding the cave entrance to it.