Combat Puzzles Quality Fun Difficulty
[[Image:3hammerhammer.PNG]] [[Image:3hammerhammer.PNG]] [[Image:1hammerhammer.PNG]] [[Image:4hammerhammer.PNG]] [[Image:2hammerhammer.PNG]]

CCCOOOLLL ! has an over-the-top and poorly-written title, which basically sums up the world. It has no particular theme and the levels are just scrambled-up pieces of somewhat organized mayhem, with elements such as mass combat, pseudo-puzzles, and you-go driving. The quality and pace of the levels is sporadic and the messages are badly spelled. The levels look as though a bunch of random tiles and monsters were thrown into them arbitrarily. It is not very difficult, although it has a few tedious moments.

That said, I found the world to be really fun. Two thumbs up!

Reviewed by: Spisboy

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