BP is a world builder at Hamumu. BP has been around since 2003 and he/she is still a member at Hamumu, but BP posts rarely now as there is not much to do in Hamumu now-indays. 

Current number of posts written by BP: 38


None so far



The following information needs to be added to this page:
Info on the worlds made by BP

This section talks about Dr L worlds made BP.

Worlds which are part of Dr Lunatic Supreme With Cheese by default:

  • New World Disorder <?>!!!
  • Halloween Horror -BP
  • Halloween Horror 2 - BP
  • Halloween Horror 3 - BP
  • (More Information Must Be Added On The Worlds BP made in this section!)

Worlds which are on the Hamumu addons site:

  • Halloween Horror 4 - BP (Supreme)
  • Halloween Horror 5 - BP
  • Summer Silliness - BP

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